da Vinci
Robotic surgery enables physicians to perform minimally invasive surgery that is not possible with simple laparoscopic instruments. It is one of the greatest advancements in surgery during our lifetime. With the robots high definition camera, 10 times magnification and 540 degrees of movement we are able to perform surgery that could not be accomplished with traditional methods.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of procedures with large abdominal incisions that have been traditionally used in the past to perform both myomectomies and hysterectomies. Last year over 600,000 hysterectomies were performed with large abdominal incisions. Unfortunately, only a small percent of patients were offered robotic surgery as an option. Because robotic surgery enables completion of more technically difficult procedures with faster recovery, we believe it is the best choice for our patients.

We specialize in noninvasive gynecologic surgery using the Da Vinci robot system. We have more robotic surgeons than any private practice within the triangle. This allows us to provide two experienced robotic surgeons for every surgery. We also work in conjunction with Urogynecologists and Gynecologic Oncologists. Our surgeons were the first to do total laparoscopic hysterectomies in the area. With over 300 successful laparoscopic hysterectomies completed and 150 robotic hysterectomies, minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery is not new to us. Additionally, we were the first to do a robotic hysterectomy at Rex Hospital and the first to perform a robotic myomectomy.

The only Robotic Epicenter in North Carolina

Of the 5000 hospitals registered in the United States there are only 20 Epicenter surgeons. Epicenter surgeons are nationally recognized for their commitment to excellence in robotic surgery. We are proud to be recognized as the only epicenter in North Carolina. With this distinction, our physicians have had the privilege to train and work with surgeons from all over the country. Epicenter surgeons also get to use the latest technology that is not offered to other hospitals. Currently, we are the only center in North Carolina that offer single site robot hysterectomies with just one incision in the belly button. Only 20 surgeons are allowed to perform single-site hysterectomies with the robot at this time. It will be offered to other select surgeons later in the year.

If you are interested in these services and would like more information please contact our office to make an appointment with one of our Robotic Specialist.

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