IMPORTANT NOTICE: To be eligible for this service, you must be an active patient that has been seen in our office within the past 12 months.

Due to the vast amount of prescription programs available, Mid-Carolina OB/GYN is no longer accepting refill requests over the phone or though the patient portal. Please contact your pharmacy and they will send us an electronic request.

We understand that due to scheduling, your prescription may expire before your next appointment. We will provide a one-time extension of your prescription for enough medication until your next visit. In order to give you a sufficient amount of refills, you must have an appointment confirmed prior to your request.

We will not prescribe medications that we have not previously prescribed for you. All requests must be approved by your physician, and may be denied if we feel that it is medically necessary that we evaluate your condition prior to continuing a medication.

If your request is denied, you will be contacted by phone or the Patient Portal, along with any additional instructions. Please allow a minimum 24 hours for your prescription request to be completed. Please note that the office does not monitor electronic requests while the office is closed or on weekends.

We will check incoming prescription requests via email periodically throughout the day. The request will be forwarded to our clinical staff for review. If you have not been contacted via telephone by our clinical staff you prescription will be electronically prescribed.

If you have an urgent need that needs to be addressed sooner, please contact us through the patient portal or by calling the office.